Thursday, November 22, 2007

Walmart Expands

Actually, CEO Jeff Rein's salary $1,116,667 is not that high, plus he is both CEO and Chairman, A million bucks per year is not a lot for a CEO of a Fortune 500 firm. He has bold plans like taking Walgreen overseas and entering the New York City market to gain more exposure for the brand.

Walgreen is investing for the long haul by going after the five boroughs of New York including Manhattan. If earnings go up like they should then we should see nice pop in stock price. The bold strategy of expanding overseas will pay big dividends and done right this could be a can’t miss marketing strategy. I hope this is the beginning of a new more international company that competes on a global scale.

However, that said, any more surprises like last years profit miss and Jeff Rein's rein could be as short-lived as ice-cream on a hot day. They are adding to many items to the stores. This is a pharmacy not a grocery store. The profit picture for pharmacy side is good, but the new hypermarts are not performing as well.

We need the stock price to go up in 2008. They are talking about slowing down the building of new stores; that and current economic conditions could mean a slowdown in corporate earnings. Acquiring Happy Harry was a mistake that will cost Walgreen. They need to focus on building new and not doing a refurbish of an old property. Shareholders need to worry about next year’s recession.

Analysts are expecting the recession next year to knock off three cents from the earnings picture and this could affect the stock price.

I hope Jeff Rein's team will encourage stock price appreciation since their stock options increase in value when that happens and stock options are the bulk of their pay.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Southwest homes help conserve water

Spanish style homes are my favorites. The Hacienda house look adds value to your property as well as fun. One of the best attributes of Southwestern style homes is xeriscape landscaping to conserve water. We have seen the importance of being frugal with our resources.

The insulation of Southwestern style homes allows them to remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The stone walls trap the heat during the day and radiate it at night to make the home a cozy place.

Still, I believe that the xeriscape landscaping of Spanish style houses adds an extra benefit as we conserve our resources to create a better world.

Motown is most dangerous city in US

In yet another blow to the stricken motor city, Detroit is now the most dangerous city in America. The dubious title was added after crime stats show an alarming rate of violent crime. Not only is Detroit suffering from layoffs triggered by GM's record breaking 39 billion dollar loss, but housing prices have dropped drastically in the last few months with a record number of foreclosures.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cut the Card

In 1991 the average credit card debt in US was $3103, but by 2006 it had shot up to $9659 over three times as much. The average person is under almost ten thousand dollars in high interest debt. Tack on all the fees and special charges and that is a big percentage of the income that goes to pay for debt.

Years ago many people had a plan to refinance their home and pay off the credit card, but now it is hard to find a bank willing to do so because houses are losing value. Most credit card customers are spending less this year and plan to pay off debt. This means a lean holiday season for merchants.

My suggestion is cut the card, get out of debt and breathe free once more.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My two missing gallons

Early this year, in Jan 2007 I was paying $1.87 per gallon of gasoline, but now the price is over $3/gal for gas. I used to get five gallons of gas for ten bucks, but now only get three. Where are my missing two gallons? How do I get them back?

Well, the gallons are not literally missing, it is just that the dollar is worthless. Still, there is a way to get them back.

First the average all american car gets 20 miles per gallon, so 20 miles X 5 gallons gives me 100 miles which is what I could travel before. Now, if I get a small car like the Chevy Aveo which gets 34mpg the equation is 34 X 3 = 102 miles.

Actually, we are better off because less fuel means less CO2 and other greenhouse gases. And if I boost my miles per gallon by over inflating the tires, costing to a stop, and cutting the antenna (less drag) then I get 40mpg. Not only do I save the environment. I also save money.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Evidence for Time Travel?

What would constiture time travel evidence; predictions like Nostradamus? Or perhaps pictures of strange devices from the future like John Titor? I like to think that a time traveller would be able to present evidence for time travel by telling me things that will soon happen that are both mundane and common. Not a great disaster, but an event like the iphone, years before it happens.

There is a story of a lady time traveller who gave evidence of time travel and later it happened.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Right now my mom is trying to sell her house. The real estate market is difficult right now as there are more sellers than buyers. Banks are not loaning money. I am glad to find the homefindingbook web site. It is all about real estate, including realtors in your area and a free home valuation guide.

Use the real estate agent directory to either find a home or sell one. There is also information on getting a loan and finding insurance. So sign up today, it's free.

Go for the GOLD

Ever wonder why I tell people to invest in precious metals. Well, things look golden for those that did. Gold which was $250/oz back in 2001 is now over 800 and soon will be over 1000. As the dollar loses value more and more people are going to go for the GOLD.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Coping With Crisis

A crisis can be as small as losing a job, or as large as a nuclear war, but how we deal with adversity helps to define us as people. An excellent book written by Jim Burtles is “Coping With Crisis”. This book helps us deal with the day to day challenges that we face in real life.

Through his life Jim has had much experience in dealing with crisis situations. He is an expert in disaster recovery and emergency management. He brings years of experience in dealing with adverse events. This real world experience proves to be valuable as he explains various concepts in his book. He can help train you to deal with emergency scenarios as they develop.

This book will help prepare us for the difficult days that lie ahead. I highly recommend getting "Coping with Crisis: A Counselor's Guide To The Restabilization Process" by Jim Burtles. The book was published by Loving Healing Press, Ann Arbor, MI on Sept 2007. You can contact Jim at +1 734 662 6864

Thursday, November 08, 2007

New service does side by side comparisons

It is called BESTBUYS.COM with an "S" and the object is to find the best deals for you. We can scan the deals and find out which stores have the best special deals of the holiday season. Best Buys Comparison Reviews is the key to saving money this year on your holiday shopping.

This site allows you to compare two services head on like DIET.COM or eDIETS.COM and see what the benefits are of each program. My favorite comparison is the one of Netflix vs Blockbuster. They contrast what each service has to offer and how much each costs per month.

Another good comparison is Dish Network versus Direct TV. My only complaint is that the website is very similar in name to another large website that is very popular so remember to add an "S". So check out BESTBUYS.COM and find the best buys of the season.

Adsense Video Units?

Has anyone tried out the new service called Adsense video Units? I want to do so. Soon, I will post more about this service, but first will have to test it out. It sounds to me like a winner. Peace!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Need Voiceover Talent?

We all need to get top talent to do our audio presentations. Well, if you find yourself in need of a professional voice for a phone system, commercial, training presentations or that kind of thing, here are two interesting sites: male voice talent Chuck Brown and male and female voiceover from Voiceover Superfriends.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

ZiNJU the gadget place

If you are into gadgets, and I am, then ZiNJU is the place for you. This website has cool videos and product reviews. It is a place where people do research and comparison shop for electronics devices.

Gadgets like the NEC Wideband Wearable Antenna Prototype which will help you stand out in a crowd. So for the best in reviews for products think ZiNJU. It will open new worlds for you.

Check out ZiNJU, you can sign up for free.