Tuesday, April 05, 2011

spammy content farms

Finally, those spammy content farms are gone. It was like so about time any way. They did not produce useful content, but many MFA (Made For Adsense) web pages. Those pages relied on super long tail keyword to get traffic and snag viewers. Shallow content was the byword of these pages. There were no links to similar content or images.

Also, take a look at the body copy. It was a word salad of keywords made up. Most pages were filled with errors. not just in spelling, but also grammar. Writers did not have time to run a spell check I guess.

Then let us focus on their value to the viewer. Like that was zero. It was only an attempt to grab eyes. These were monetized using adsense and other services. Few of these spammy content farms offer valuable resources. Instead, the make us waste our valuable time as we hunt for answers.

What is the lesson for us? Take a look at your web pages. Do they serve as a valuable resource. For example, do you get a lot of non pay linking to your pages? Have you seen your pages in tweets and other social media, or are you forced to promote them heavily at a huge expense to you.