Sunday, January 09, 2011

exec pony

An executive bought for his kids a pony. He expected to get pr points by showing off his kids learning to ride the pony. Trouble is that it was actually a horse that was very young. The exec decided to save money. His rationale was to cut expenses. Therefore he gave the horse no grain. A neighbor saw the skinny horse and said - hey you have a bony pony. Perhaps you should feed him more.

This is what was said by the exec "Oh no. He is too fat and I need to save money. Besides there is plenty of grass." The neighbor replied "That may have been true in summer. However, it is winter now. Feed the pony."

A few days later the horse did pass away. The exec says "That horse was no good and I needed to cut expenses. Besides, it did not serve a purpose." His children were crying and he said "Hey kids, look, I am really sorry. I will buy you another pony."

Needless to say. The story keep repeating itself again and again.